What’s New : Ferrite Bead/Power Magnetics

We are pleased to announce the strategic partnership between Würth Elektronik Group and the DASARON. In order to more effectively meet our customer’s complete needs for motor electro-machinery and EMI components, we have decided to provide unified service to our customers with a world-wide reputation bearing company; Würth Elektronik.

What’s New : Super Capacitor

DASARON and Vinatech have agreed to expand ongoing cooperation in the sectors related to Super-capacitor.

Xelled™ as super-capacitor of Vinatech is an electrochemical energy storage device in the "power" industries. Compared with commercial battery, super-cap has one-tenth of energy, but delivers over 10 times of power due to ultra low ESR. It operates more reliably in wider temperature and its life is semi-permanent, over 500,000 cycles

Who we are

DASARON provides an extensive range of PCB manufacturing, chip components, mobile, RF and LED devices to almost 1,000 end customers, including many of the top original equipment manufacturers. DASARON has the industry’s best on-time delivery record in Korea and will expand market to China. DASARON will deliver cutting-edge products in high volume to accelerate market adoption.

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